Noćenje Dolčić, Zagreb privatni smještaj

Welcome to the web site of private accommodation Dolcic!

We are pleased to present the accommodation facilities through the website. Comfortable accommodation, an attractive location (in the center of Zagreb - Maksimir quart) and reasonable prices are the main advantages of our offer.

More information about the accommodation you will find in the menu of the accommodation capacity with descriptions and photos. We have two locations:

1. DOLCIC (Dolcic 38)
2. KLANJCIC (Klanjcic 7A - Petrova)

Apartments / rooms have air conditioning, TV (satellite), central heating ... and everything is newly decorated.


Both of our locations (Dolcic and Klanjcic) are located in the Maksimir (quart), which is ideal for visitors to Zagreb for several reasons.

* Peace in the center of Maksimir will give you the possibility of a real vacation.
* Close to trams - Klanjcic 3 min, and quick and easy arrival / departure for bus and railway station.
* In our vicinity the following potential sites:
the center of town (Ban Jelacic Square, the Cathedral ,...),
- the Maksimir (zoo, park, city stadium Dinamo ,...)
the hospital centers:
+ Hospital - Rebro, Petrova, Salata
+ Bozidarevica - Orthopedics
+ Merkur - Zajceva;
+ JORDANOVAC - Pulmonary Hospital;
+ VUK VRHOVAC - diabetes;
+ Srebrenjak - Children's Hospital;

Make sure to offer a favorable review of our tariffs.

Contact us by phone, mail or via the web form for inquiries and (or) for reservations


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